Where do you find your recipes?

I don't know if this is a new phenonomum or not, but everyone is after recipes! Sweet, sour, Greek, spicy, quick, Crock-pot, and many others. So where do you find your recipes?

I have a family cookbook from my mother's side of the family. Many times I take them and make them my own. I also picked up a recipe book from Venice when we visited. It's a challenge to follow a recipe, they say things like a glass of wine, or a spoonfull of vinegar. Basically I play with those too.

Today, instead of a recipe, I thought I'd share my favorite on-line sources, some I use more than others. Some you have to create an account. I never use anything I have to pay for though!
All Recipes
Food Network
Simply Recipes
Hispanic Kitchen
Food .Com
Betty Crocker
Recipe Source
Kids Health
What are some of your favorite places? Please share with us.
Next time maybe I'll have another guest... Or a recipe. Happy recipe hunting!


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