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Farewell Visit of N. N. Light

Healthy Appetizers to serve at your next party by N. N. Light Want to wow your guests while still offering healthy food? Mr. N is a retired fine dining chef so I asked him to write up a few appetizers. These are what he came up with. Enjoy!
Prosciutto Wrapped Leaves Wash and dry a nice mixture of California greens.Have about one pound of 3/8” thick prosciutto.Trim fat.Lay out each piece of meat separately, place about 3-4 leaves in center of each, about a half an inch up from edge.Wrap into a cone shape and stand in a deep muffin or ice cube trays.Serve cold.
Chicken Tiki Mini Kabobs Take your one-inch pieces of chicken breast, marinate minimum one hour in fridge in yogurt and madras sauce mixture.Skewer two pieces per skewer and bake on tray at 350F for 15 minutes or until done.You can also grill these but watch for flare ups. Serve warm.
Mini Sliders Use the mini burger and bun standard store bought.Butter each side of bun with guacamole and top each with a thin slice of pineapple.Cook ea…

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