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Mary's Louisiana Skillet

It is summer and what better way to relax than have a nice dinner on the patio. A skillet may remind you of something you'd use in the winter, but no, I use mine all the time.  Mary's Louisiana Skillet for Two 1 link      Louisiana hot link sliced 1                Corn on the cob cut into 4 pieces 1 med.     Yellow Squash cute into cubes 1 cup       Broccoli florets 1 cup       Cauliflower florets 5               White mushrooms cut into fourths 1               Jalapeno sliced 1/2 cup    Jasmine Rice 1                Onion quartered  1 cup       Chicken Broth Mary's Cajun seasoning to taste. (see below) Use a little spray oil to season skillet. Add slice link and onions and cook on medium while preparing the other vegetables. Once they're ready add broth and the vegetables. bring to boil and then add rice. Put the lid on Skillet and continue to cook on medium for 10 minutes. Remove lid and stir. Continue to cook another ten minutes stirring intermittently until rice is

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