Banana blueberry pancakes

Sometimes you just want pancakes for breakfast! You can be healthy with your pancakes. Just try this recipe for pancakes with banana and blueberries. I have a little secret ingredient. I'm sure it's not a secret as I think. Anyway, here goes.

Banana Blueberry Pancakes
Pancake mix of your choice (I'm lazy).
Add Mashed banana
1 - 3 Tsp of Vanilla (real if you can afford it, or extract)
Ground Cinnamon to taste.

Bisquick has a recipe for pancakes, I use Trader Joe's All Purpose baking
mix for mine. I mix the egg in and vanilla (I use pure vanilla) until it's a thick paste. Then I gradually add the water until it's the consistency I want. I mash the banana and add to mix stirring thoroughly last I sprinkle in the cinnamon and blueberries and cook until golden brown on my skillet. I serve with chicken sausage.

Enjoy. We serve fresh ground coffee made with a French press.


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