Easy chicken pesto rice bowls

Easy chicken pesto rice bowls

This whole dinner is measured to taste and how many, so I'm making a list of ingredients. And then watch the video for more instructions.

Olive Oil
Lemon juice
Parmesan cheese
Pine nuts Garlic Cloves

Chop the basil as fine as you can make it. Grind the pine nuts and garlic together and then mix with the rest.

Rice follow package directions for slow cooking rice.

Salt and pepper chicken (any cut) and then roll in pesto and set aside. Drain the Garbanzo beans and put half away and put half in the bowl. Add chili's from a can or if you have roasted chili add three large peppers. Cut small tomatoes in half and add. Cook all together with left over pesto and serve over rice.

Enjoy with a Rose wine.


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