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Chicken breast and Tomatillos - Easy

  Chicken breast and tomatillos  - 2 people 2                    Boneless chicken breasts. 10-12          Tomatillos either halved or quartered. 1/4                Onion chopped 1                    Jalapeno chopped 1 tsp              Oil 3/4 cup       Jasmine rice Seasoning; see below. Add the oil to a frying pan to medium high. Salt and pepper the chicken. While the chicken is cooking add the veggies to a sauce pan on medium high. Add Salt, pepper, chili flakes, cayenne, and cumin. One or two shakes, depending on your taste and flavor. When the onion is translucent use a masher to mash the ingredients in the pan, turn down to not quite simmer.  Follow the directions on the package for the rice. Get it started while the tomatillo mixture is simmering. Once the water is boiling and you add the rice cover it to cook.  Mash tomatillo ingredients again. Drain excess liquid. Once you have all the liquid you can get out of the mixture, pour the tomatillo sauce over Chicken. Turn to low and

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