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Shrimp and veggie skillet

Welcome to The After Work Cook. On the way home from work today I had no  idea what to make. I just knew I forgot to take out some meat for dinner. I did however, have some shrimp. The amount depends on how many you're cooking for. Shrimp and veggie skillet 5-10 Small potatoes halved
2 Carrots cut into chunks
2 Stalks Celery sliced 1/4     Onion chopped 1 cup Broccoli florets  1    Medium Tomato cut into large pieces 1/2 pkgArgentina Red Shrimp (thawed) 2 TBSP  Olive Oil (options, chili or garlic oil)   2    Roasted Hatch Chili chopped (optional) 1/4    Jalapeno chopped (optional) Cajun spice to taste. Pepper to taste

Mix potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and oil, mix thoroughly add to oiled skillet. Cook on med-high until onion and celery are tender and translucent. Mix the broccoli and tomato in the same bowl and add a little oil, then add to the skillet. Cook a few minutes and then add shrimp to skillet. Cook until shrimp is pink. 
Serve with a green salad. Pairs well with a crisp rose wine.�…

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